I am creating RPG guide with the idea to help new players and existing DM’s. The idea came from two places. The first being new DM’s asking me for advice on various aspects of their campaigns. The second is from myself and my struggles to find certain things online. I would constantly do research looking for tools, map creators and other things to help with my creations.

Since I was having so much trouble I figured others were as well and decide to put this site together so that other people will have less trouble than I did.

It is my hope that this site will continue to expand and grow in ways that I cannot for see. As time goes on my own experience, the questions posed to me and other aspects will continue to spread to the site so that you will have less trouble in your endeavors and I did.

While I’ve many pieces of knowledge to share this site ultimately comes down to communication between the both of us. If you have any questions that the site does not already answer whether it is DMing, playing or anything in between I encourage you to reach out to me and I will share what knowledge and experience I have.