Hello my name is Brian and I’ve been playing tabletop RPG’s for over 15 years. I started playing second edition D&D and have since moved on to 3.5, fourth edition and now fifth edition. During that time I have also played other forms of games from Savage worlds to monster of the week and many others.

I started being a dungeon master when the old dungeon master left and I volunteered to be the next one. I struggled to learn the rules I did not need to know as a player, and how to create engaging story. Over the years I gained more experience not just in those two aspects but in others. Once I reached college I started helping new dungeon masters with their campaigns and other problems they were running into.

I have continued to help other dungeon masters and new players since then. I realized after helping those around me that other people may have the same questions. Thus the idea for this site was born.

My hope is that this site will become a community for people who are both new and experienced to tabletop RPG’s. A place share experiences and to help those who need it.