Support is one of my favorite roles to play. I like being able to support the other players and enjoy their moment of glory. Usually, you use spells and abilities that target and individual. Although this used to be the case, it is no so in 5th edition. Here is how to make a support auramancer in D&D 5e.

Note: while this build has some benefits at lower levels, it shines one you get past character level 9.

What Is A Support Auramancer

Let’s begin with a definition. Auramances use auras, abilities that emit in a radius around you for an extended period. These abilities usually affect all allies, enemies, or everything in the radius of the aura. Paladins in 5e are an excellent example, with its aura of protection. Actually, many of you reading this may have benefitted from the paladins classed based auras already. While paladins make good auramancers, we will add a little extra to this build and add some mystic.

If a support auramancer is not your style and want some combat auras, check out this build How To Make A Combat Auramancer.

The Mental Knight

With this build, your positioning is based on where your allies are. Unlike most paladin builds, you are not going to be a front line fighter. Instead, you will be positioned to get as many teammates in your aura as possible.

To do this, your two highest ability scores will be charisma and intelligence, intelligence for mystics, and charisma for paladins. 

Paladins have auras that are affected by their charisma modifier. This makes have a higher charisma a necessity. Mystics, on the other hand, need high intelligence for attacks. This is because most of your support abilities are centered around you, making it less likely that you will e in melee to use paladins combat skills.

Avatar Master of all 4 Auras

So to start this build off, your first three levels will be in mystic. As the title suggests, the subclass you take is avatar, which marvelously gives you four aruas, which allows me to make the avatar reference.

When you take the avatar subclass, you gain access to two additional disciplines, which have to be from the avatar. The others do not; however, in this case, three will be from the avatar discipline and one from awakening. The last discipline you will get is not an aura but thematic.

You gain two talents in this build. The ones to grab are light steps followed by energy beam. Since positioning is vital, take light steps at level 1, so you will keep up with the rest of your party to get into the optimal position. At level 3, grab the energy beam talent. This is good damage for a cantrip that can change its type to help overcome resistance. Considering that you will be in various locations to support your teammates, this is a great offensive ability.


Mystical Auras

The disciplines of the avatar subclass give you many different auras at your disposal. All of these are concentration-based; however, each one gives you an edge in a given scenario. Also, at level 3, the avatar mystic gives you another always on aura, but first, let’s cover the disciplines.

Mantle of Courage: This discipline gives you the ability to use aura a victory. All allies within 30ft temporary hp equal to double the number of psi points used when and the enemy falls. It also lasts 10 minutes, which is excellent for an extended fight. The passive of all allies within 10 ft of you gain an advantage on saving throws against fear is also noting the laugh.

Mantle of Fear: I would take this one at the 3rd level since it costs three psi points. Unsettling aura makes enemy movement cost double. While this may not seem to be great at supporting, it can be used creatively. The enemy does have to be trying targeting you but going in towards you to have this effect occur. Stand in front of an injured ally to slow advances to them. Or be in the middle of the group in a hallway, and all enemies will have a hard time reaching your partners.

Mantle of Joy:  Comforting aura needs two psi points, so you won’t be able to use it level 1, but it is great for level 2 and 3. While it does not target everyone in a radius, it does give three allies within eyesight to gain an extra d4 for saves.

Avatar of Battle: This is the not discipline aura the avatar build gives you. It has all allies within 30ft of you +2 to initiative rolls. While it may not seem like much, going first in battle can make all the difference.

Aura Sight: The awakened discipline does not give you any auras. However, it does let you interact with and see other peoples auras, making it a tremendous thematic last pick.


The Knight in Shining Auras

When many of you think of classes that use auras, paladins instantly come to mind. This is because paladins have built-in support auras that do not involve subclasses. These are passively built-in abilities that we will cover first. These abilities are stuck in a 10ft area, but that is why I put such an emphasis on positioning before.

Aura of Protection: Bonuses to saves in a 10ft area are incredible.

Aura of Courage: No allies can be frightened is excellent when fighting enemies at this level.

For The Crown

The paladin archetype to go with is the crown. This is because of the divine allegiance sacred oath, which lets you take damage for an ally within 5ft of you as a reaction. While not precisely an aura, it is close enough for this build.

Vitality Life And Purity

Paladins have three spells that are amazing, supporting auras. Because of multiclassing, you won’t get these auras until high levels. Still, they are powerful and versatile, and a must-have for this build. Remember, they are all concentration spells, so you can only have 1 activated at a time.

Aura of Vitality: As a bonus action, you can heal an ally 2d6 hp. While it may not be the most dice you can roll for healing, the ability to spot heal an ally is invaluable.

Aura of Life: 30ft radius gives all allies resistance to necrotic damage and can’t have their maximum health lowered. If that wasn’t good enough, all allies that stat their turn at 0hp in the area gain 1hp.

Aura of Purity: Each non-hostile creature can’t become diseased, has resistance to poison along with an advantage on saving throws that cause blinded, charmed, deafened, frightened, paralyzed, poisoned, and stunned. This is an incredibly strong support aura.

The Sum Up

This is a build that takes you all the way to level 20, giving you access to auras along the way. While most of the auras you get are concentration so you can only use one at a time. That is not so bad, though, because you have a support aura for every occasion. While you have these specialized auras, don’t forget about the passive ones you will have.

Here are your passive abilities at level 20

All allies in 30ft get a =2 to initiative.
Fiendly creatures within 10ft gain a bonus to saves equal to your charisma.
Allies within 10ft cannot be frightened.

That is how you build a support auramancer. With this build will let you support your allies over an extended period making your presence felt throughout the combat encounter.

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