Imagine a double-edged sword always swinging around in a circle. Anything that gets caught up in the swing takes damage. This is what the combat auramancers is about. Dealing passive damage that may or may not involve friendly fire. This is how to make a combat auramancer.

As a side note, this is a mini build. It takes a while to get going and has some dead levels where nothing happens. Because of this, you can combine it with another build or use it as a secondary feature to the build you are going for. Regardless of what you choose, the build is completed around level 8 -10

What Is An Auramancer?

Let’s begin with a definition. Auramances use auras, abilities that emit in a radius around you for an extended period. Paladins in 5e are an excellent example, with its aura of protection. However, in this case, we will be using damage instead of support. This aura damage is incredible since it auto hits with no saves or checks required. The downside to balance them out is that they tend to do less overall damage. Unless you stack them…..

If combat is not your style check out this build on How To Make A Support Auramancer

 Aasimar’s Divine Aura

Scourge Aasimar comes with a built-in aura that deals radiant damage called radiant consumption. While it does deal the same damage to you, your natural resistance to radiant damage lessens the blow. The best part about this ability is that it scales with your level doing half your level rounded up in a 10ft area.

Ability Scores

The main ability score you want is charisma; this will give you more damage with one of your auras. Constitution and strength are also good to have since you will be in close quarters a lot, making melee attacking the best choice.


Get Angry And Let Everyone Around You Feel It

The first class you level in is barbarian. At level three, you take the storm herald primal path. This gives you the storm aura ability when you rage. I know this is not “passive” like the rest; however, it is a sound effect for thematics for this build. In this build, choose desert for the automatic 2 fire damage to everyone in a 10ft area.

Barbarian is the reason why this build has a range of when it can be completed. You can stop at level 3 for the base damage, or you can go up to level 5 in Barbarian to increase the base damage to 3.

One thing to keep in mind is that none of these auras gets negated by the barbarian raging. Storm aura aside, both radiant consumption and cloak of flies (we get to this ability in a bit) are not concentration effects making you able to stack on the auras.

Is There Anything A Warlock Can’t Do?

As you may have guessed from above, the warlock is the final class. After gaining level 3 in Barbarian, you take 5 levels in warlock. This lets you get the invocation cloak of flies. This ability does poison damage in a 5ft area equal to your charisma modifier, which is why I said charisma is essential.

Unlike the other two, auras cloak of flies does not have a time limit, so you can turn it on and don’t have to worry about activating it in combat.

3/4 Barbarian

While making this build, my preconceptions about this build somewhat changed. Therefore, I am giving an alternate path to go down. As stated above, this build works well with players looking to play warlocks, but what if you wanted to focus barbarian? After all, the desert fire damage scales with your class. At level 15, you get 5 damage. Cloak of flies damage rises with charisma, causing you to only need five levels in the class. At level 10, your allies can gain fire resistance, although it does not protect them from the poison and radiant damage.

If you chose this path, I would take3 levels in barbarian, take the five needed in warlock, then continue in barbarian.

Mini Build Final Thoughts

As stated above, this is a small build that can be used to supplement another, presumably a warlock build. This build is excellent to always be assured of having an aura up when needed. If, during a boss fight, you had all three, then you would do some superb damage. At level 8, with a charisma of 18, you would do 4 radiant damage, 4 poison damage, and 2 fire damage for 10 damage a turn. This may not seem like a lot, but it is the damage they have to take with no attack rolls or saving throws required.

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