After playing Dungeons and Dragons for years, I know that sometimes the dice gods smile, holding you in their warm embrace, and other times the dice gods smite you every time you touch a dice. If you feel like Wil Wheaton after they start a game, this build may be for you. Here is how to make the luckiest character in the world in 5e.

What It Means To Be Lucky

To be lucky is to control the odds for better success. While dice RNG is inherent to D&D, this build stacks the odds in your favor by increasing the chance you succeed….. with additional rolls. It may not be perfect, but you are lucky, not a god.

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The Luckiest Race

When many of you saw the title, you probably assumed that Halfling would be the race to play. I am here to say you are correct. It is the best race since with the lucky ability lets you reroll 1’s on an attack, ability, or saving throws. You must use the new roll, but not many people complain about that since you rolled a nat 1. This ability also does not have a limit, so use it to your heart’s content.

Wizards Don’t Believe In Dice Gods

The first class you take in this build is wizard. You only take two levels in this build, but that is more than enough to help get lady luck on your side. What you are going for is the arcane tradition, school of divination. At level 2, you gain the Portent ability, which lets you roll 2d20 and record those rolls. You can use those rolls on yourself or a creature you can see instead of rolling. This can be used on enemies. You rolled a nat 1 with a portent die, well that just means some unfortunate bandit is going to have an unlucky day.

Inspired Luck

The rest of the build is in Bard. Bardic inspiration is a great way to modify rolls when your party needs that slight edge to succeed. However, regular bardic inspiration cannot affect yourself. Still, you can gain the ability to have it impact your enemies. To do this, you take the college of lore at level 3. At level 3, a bard from the college of lore gets the cutting word ability, which allows you to subtract your inspiration rolls from enemies attack, damage, or ability roll. At level 14, you can use bardic inspiration to bolster your ability checks.

The Feat With Luck In Its Name

When you get to level 6, you take the feat lucky. This feat gives you three points to spend to roll an additional d20 on an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw and choose the roll you want. You do not have to declare your roll right away and wait to see what you rolled before deciding to use it.

Ability Scores

This build does not need any crazy ability point distribution to work. That being said, make sure you put enough points in charisma to be able to multiclass into bard.

Lucky Spells

There are quite a few spells that can have lady luck wrap you in her warm embrace. Most of these are wizards/bard spells. Just remember that wizards can cast spells of any level if they have the spell slots, so always copy the spells you want into your book.

Blur: This spell gives a disadvantage against all attacks against you for the duration.

Enhance Ability: This gives you an advantage on the ability score of your choice for an hour.

Foresight: This is high spell level luck. You get advantage attack rolls, ability checks, and saving throws while giving enemies disadvantage against you.

Glibness: For the duration of the spell, when you roll for a charisma check, you can replace what you roll with a 15.

Mirror Image: This is a spell that tells you if you are lucky. This is because you create three illusions of yourself that you can then try to pass attacks off to them. Will, the enemy, hit them or you?

Ray of Sickness: The damage portion of this spell is not as substantial; however, it can bestow the poisoned condition. This condition gives disadvantage on attack rolls and ability checks.

Soul Cage: You cast this spell when you see a humanoid die within range. For the next 8 hours, you can use a bonus action to your next attack roll, ability check, or saving throw.

True Strike: Your next attack gains advantage.

May The Luck Be With You

That is how to make the luckiest character in the world in D&D 5th edition. I like this build because there are so few steps you need to make this build, everything else is up to what you want. But regardless of what else you become, you are always the luckiest one in the room.

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