We all know fireball is the ultimate utility spell. However, with that being said, there are a bunch of other great utility spells that you can use for various needs. This personal 10 best creative utility spells will be based on versatility and usefulness in and out of combat.

10- Light

I love this spell. It can be used for a variety of purposes other than just lighting up your surroundings. After touching an object, the spell gives off 20ft of bright light and 20ft of dim, making it one of the best lighting cantrips for lighting up a dark room. Also, the object does not have to be near you to still work. Do you have a pit and don’t know how deep it goes? Toss a rock with a light spell attached down it to see how far it drops. This spell does not require concentration, so cast them on everything you want. The best part about this spell is that if you cast light on an item, an enemy is wearing you can turn them into a beacon until an hour passes or they remove the object. Take that rogue!

Tiny hut

9-Leomund’s Tiny Hut

I am a massive fan of all spells, Leomund’s, and this one is one of the best. It is a reliable go-to shelter if your game is based on trekking through the wilderness. The spell creates a dome that can fit up to 9 small or medium creatures. It is climate controlled, keeping everyone inside at the perfect temperature. It bars people you do not want from entering and is opaque on the outside but transparent on the outside, making it great for keeping watch.

8- Identify

This spell does exactly what it says. With this, you can identify all magic items, their properties, effects, attunement requirements, and how to use them. That would be useful as is, but that is not all. If you cast it on a person, you can see all effects that are on them. Yet the best part of this spell is that you can cast it as a ritual making sure you never waste a spell slot.

7- Arcane Eye

I love using this when scouting out a dungeon. You cast this eye, which is invisible and can move as far away as possible within the time limit. Arcane eye inputs the information into your brain from where it is. The eye has normal and dark vision in a 360-degree view. I use it often to make sure I do not go into a place blind.

6- Distort Value

So many times in the players of my games try to squeeze all the can out of merchants. This spell helps immensely. First, you can use this spell to double the value of an object. On the other hand, you can half the perceived amount of the items. This makes it great when trying to sell items for higher value or downplaying what you stole to throw suspicions off your tail.

5- Prestidigitation

Prestidigitation is if stage magic was real. You can cast three effects for up to an hour of a wide variety. This ranges from lighting and extinguishing a fire, creating random noises or non-magical objects, colors, and symbols, or changing the temperature of an item. The best of all of the abilities by far is the ability to clean or soil an object. Say no more to needing to bathe, or just make everyone look like they wet themselves. This is basically the trickster’s go-to spell where imagination is the limit. 


4- Modify Memory

Have you ever said something that you wish an NPC would forget? Well, Modify memory has you covered. This spell lets you erase the memory completely, alter it, or just create a brand new one from scratch. At earlier spell levels, it only affects the last 24 hours, but the higher the spell slot you use, the farther back you can go. I love using this spell to fix mistakes my character has made, whether it is being caught stealing or giving away too much information. It can be equally satisfying sewing fake seeds of betrayal among allies.

3- Transport via plants

This is the best fast travel mechanism any class can get. Besides, it is also the safest. This spell allows you and people around you to travel through a large or larger plant to any plant you have seen or touched in your lifetime. Once you decide to do this, you use 5 feet of movement, and you are at the other plant. This different plant can be anywhere in the world, and it does not have any miss chance like teleport. One thing you can do as early as a level 1 Druid is to start finding trees that you want to teleport once you gain this spell.

2- Creation

This is another spell where your imagination is the limit. Creation lets you create objects out of metal, stone crystals, or plant materials. The catch is that it only lasts for a limited time based on material, and you have to have seen it before. However, that being said, you can use creation to get yourself out of a hole, make a sword, make a jeweled ornament to sell for a quick buck. The possibilities are endless.

1- Contingency

Contingency is my favorite spell of all time. When you cast contingency, you pick a spell level 5 or lower that can target you and expend both spell slots. You name the trigger, being attacked, falling more than 10 feet. Contingency lasts 10 days, and during that time, the first time the trigger occurs, whether you want it to or not, the spell immediately goes off. This spell is great when you have time to prepare. The triggers I use the most are when I drop to 0hp, I cast a healing spell. The second trigger I use the most is when I am hit with a status effect cast restoration.

Remember, you can be as specific or as broad when determining the trigger you want. For example, you know you are fighting a red dragon at the end of the dungeon. Instead of having the trigger for your resistance spell, be taking fire damage make the trigger struck by a red dragon’s breath attack. That way, a random enemy fire spell or trap will not set it off.


There are many great utility spells out there. Almost too many to list; however, this is my top 10 utility spells I grab. Let me know what your list is in the comments below.

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