As a DM, it can be tough when dealing with a group of players and have them not get along with each other. It is always good idea to create a group of players who get along with each other however that not the case. For example if you are pulling from a group of strangers, there may be people who clash with each other. There have been times in my life as a DM where there was one or two players that did not get along with the group for a variety of reasons which made it a struggle for all players to enjoy the game.

Here are some of the most common reasons why some players do not get along and ideas on help the situation.


The Most Common Reasons

There are a few common reasons I have come across were players dislike each other. The first one is that the players do not like each other from something out of game. This can be tough especially when playing with a group of friends since you can seriously damage your friendship.

Another common reason is that they are very strict when it comes to rules. They are constantly bringing up the rules of the game and correcting people. This type of behavior causes a lot of tension among the group especially for players were just there to relax and have fun.

One that just recently happened is that their personality upset the group. I will not get into details but things they said and talked about upset the rest of my players and caused a noticeable friction between this person and the rest of the group.

Lastly another common issue that annoys player’s people not bothering to learn their character. If you are new player that is understandable. However if you have players that has played in your campaign for years and are still struggling with the basics, this can annoy other players. In my experience it is not that they are struggling that annoys them is that after all this time they have not bother to learn how to play using the mechanics of the game.

The Designated Mediator (DM)


When dealing with two players to do not like each other or get along due to an outside circumstance I would recommend trying to understand what caused it. Unfortunately, in every instance I’ve come across this I’ve had to ask one of the players to leave my campaign. However if it is possible trying mediating the issue between them although depending on the issue it may be hard.

Players that consistently enforce the rules can be quite annoying. I would recommend talking to them one-on-one and explain that you are the DM therefore; the other players will go by your rulings. This can sometimes cause frustration in the player however there are times where I will modify or become lax on certain rules for enjoyment or ease of play.

For someone with a personality quirk that bothers to rest your players just as above I recommend talking to them one-on-one. For example, I had a player one time that sets her remarks that really hurt one of my players. The rest the players back this player up and I had to sit down and talk with the player that made their mark. I told them that language is not welcome in my campaign and will be removed if it continues.

Players Who Don’t Learn To Play

The last one I mention of common annoyances can be the most challenging. I have had players who come from a background with games they are simpler compared to the wonder playing now. This change in rule complexity through them off and it’s hard for them through their heads around. I have also had players who never took the time learn their characters. However, the goal is to have the player understand their character and the rules to play them.

This is done in many ways, the major one is just giving them a general familiarity with where things are on the character sheet. So many times when I asked him to do a check they know is a check but they don’t remember where the bonus is located on the sheet. Kind of like studying for a test review of the character sheet tends to be all that is required to fix this problem.

One thing I have run into as a player is playing in multiple campaigns of slightly similar rules. For example at one point, I was playing in the Pathfinder and fifth edition campaign. Now these two games are vastly different from aspects but some rules that are more obscure I would switch around from game to game. What I ended up doing is writing down the mistakes I was making and the correct solution to those mistakes for each character.

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