Some of the most famous warriors in our media, the thought of playing a Jedi in a campaign is something myself and many others want to do. However this is not as easy as it sounds. It can be easy to role-play the personality and beliefs of a Jedi but the mechanics can be tough to do.

A build is not worth it if it takes too many levels to make so I will be trying to make it as viable as possible. Depending on the type you choose the beginning completion will be between levels 5 – 7 but will continue to improve as you get more levels.

Disclaimer: I will not be giving a step by step instructions since the order of levels depend on what you want to do, the exception being the Jedi Guardian.

Jedi Feats

I consider the ability score increase to be better than any feats therefore none are used in any of these builds.

Grey Jedi

Grey Jedi are Jedi that are between the Sith and Jedi. What sets them apart is that they can use both light and dark powers. Because of this the build for the Grey Jedi is any of the builds however the spells (force powers) can be any of them. It is up to how you want to play.

An elegant weapon for a more civilized age

The main aspect of any Jedi is the lightsaber and luckily for us 5E has a weapon like the lightsaber. It is called the Sun Blade. This weapon requires proficiency with a longsword or short sword and deals radiant damage instead of slashing. With this in mind it is a rare item so don’t plan on getting it at level 1. I suggest talking to your DM about how to acquire it before starting this build.

Although you can use this weapon with either proficiency it is still a longsword. Keep that in mind.

Although not stated in the Jedi builds each build has three levels in Monk. Monks are important because they allow you to deflect projectiles like a Jedi and have some defense without armor. Unless you want to get more deflection power I suggest you only take three levels in Monk. Furthermore you also get the monastic tradition Way of the Kensai. This allows you to flurry when you choose the longsword and use the Sun Blade effectively.  In addition you  also get a little damage using your bonus action to flurry since Jedi tend to kick when in a fight.

Jedi, Jedi or Jedi

There are different types of Jedi from lore. The Jedi Guardian is the in your face melee type. For example Anakin Skywalker. The Jedi Consular focuses on the force. Yoda is a good example. Finally the last and not well known is the Jedi sentinel the infiltrator of the trio. I will be showing you a build for all three.

These builds will have three levels in Monk as stated above however you may not want monk levels for various reasons and that is fine. For instance Jedi in the movies do not wear armor but Jedi in the past did. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is an example of this. Some builds give you longsword proficiency without needing Kensai. I like three levels in monk because of the deflect projectiles ability but the choice is ultimately yours.

Jedi Guardian

The Jedi guardian is the melee fighter of the trio. It focuses on getting up close and personal combat with force powers as utility. This build uses spells slots more to enhance your combat capabilities then casting spells.

Unless your DM says otherwise you will need to be an elf for this build.

To increase damage to your attacks take two levels in Paladin to get the smite ability. The extra damage from sacrificing spell slots gives you the damage boost that will give you the edge in combat.  The dueling fighting style gives you more damage with using just the lightsaber. You need to start with paladin because your ability scores will not allow you to multiclass later.

The main class for the Jedi Guardian is the Bladsinger wizard. This class gives you bonuses to AC, movement, acrobatics and concentration. You can choose proficiency with the longsword and get proficiency with light armor if you decide not to take levels in monk. Again the Bladesinger requires you to be an elf.

After three levels in Monk two in Paladin and two in wizard your build is complete. You get stronger as you level in Wizard

You get an extra attack at level 6 when you make an attack action.

Now for the best part

At level 10 a wizard Bladesigner can sacrifice a spell slot to reduce damage equal to five times the spell slot used. In addition with the paladin levels you can use spell slots to deal more damage and take less damage.

The ability scores I would focus on are dexterity, wisdom and intelligence. Dexterity for your attacks and your AC. Wisdom also increases your ac. Finally intelligence will help you with some utility attack spells. Constitution is not as important because you will not be casting many spells in combat and your High AC should give you the survivability you need.

Jedi Consular

This Jedi focuses more on spells than melee combat but can hold its own if need be.

Beacuse of this the sorcerer is the best choice. With meta magic you can modify your spells for more effect than the guardian. The bloodline I would go with is the stone sorcery.

Note: At the time of writing this stone sorcery is unearthed arcana. Make sure your DM is ok with this.

Stone sorcerers get the smite spells that will give an edge in melee combat if you need it without putting levels into it. You gain proficiency with simple and martial weapons. They give you some extra survivability by giving you extra health and the ability to make your AC 13 + Constitution modifier

Your level six ability lets you reduce damage an ally takes. You can also teleport to them and do some extra force damage. At level 14 you can do extra damage with your spells of certain types.

With three levels in monk and two in Sorcerer your build is complete. This will get stronger as you level in Sorcerer.

The ability scores I would go with are dexterity, charisma and constitution. Dexterity for weapon attack and damage. Charisma handles your spells and constitution help with concentration and the stone sorcerer AC.

Jedi Sentinel

The lesser known Jedi type. These Jedi rely on their skills and knowledge to get by. They are infiltrators and handle the covert actions of the organization.

The obvious class choice for a Jedi like this is the Rogue Arcane Trickster. Just like the sentinel they are the in-between in terms of force power and combat skills. The rogue fits this well.  Similarly both rogue and sentinel rely on the skills to get what they need done.

Rogues are proficient with longswords but normally cannot sneak attack with them. However since the Sun Blade is a finesse weapon you can.

The  Arcane Trickster had ability to do creative things with mage hand enhances the Jedi feel.

With three levels in monk and three in Rogue your build is complete. You will get stronger as you level in Rogue.

Unlike the other two Jedi the main ability scores are just dexterity and intelligence. Dexterity for weapons and AC and intelligence for spells.

The Sith Lord

The Sith Lord is full of anger and power of the dark side. This build is a little different from the Jedi.

You can use the three levels in Monk if you want but in this build the monk levels will be left out.

Warlock, while many of you reading this are thinking that Warlock should be in every build I believe the feel of the warlock is more of a Sith than a Jedi.

A Sith is nothing without their anger. Two levels of Barbarian give you rage and reckless attack. While you cannot cast or have spells during rage the bonus damage and resistance you get can keep you into the fight when things get tough. If you go with the ability scores I mention below I would take Barbarian first and then multiclass into Warlock.

The pact of the blade along with the Hexblade Warlock gives you great melee capabilities with the Sun Blade. This comes in the form of being able to summon the weapon adding charisma to damage.

The eldritch invocations I would go with are Eldritch Smite for extra damage, Grasp of Hadar (force push), Life drinker, Otherworldly Leap (force Jump), Thirsting Blade for more damage.

With two levels in Barbarian and 1 level in Warlock the build is complete. You will get stronger as you level in warlock.

The main ability scores I would use are strength, charisma and constitution. Charisma is for weapons and spells. Constitution is to help you survive and with concentration. Strength helps with attacking and damage since strength is more Sith like.

The force is with you

You can use any spells you want but to keep the spirit of the Jedi and Sith some spells don’t make sense

After scouring the spells here is the list I have found that have some similarities with force powers. Since all three Jedi are arcane I will be using the wizards spell list and the warlock spell list.

I don’t find any of the paladin spells besides the smite spells worth it. These spells may not be Jedi style but they are a good choice for 5E in general

For those who want to use one of the Jedi builds as a Sith or dark/grey Jedi the spells will be labeled Sith

Wizard Force Powers (spells)


  • Control Flames
  • Friends
  • Light
  • Mage hand
  • Message
  • Mold Earth
  • Shaped Water
  • Shocking Grasped (Sith)
  • Thunderclap

1st level

  • True Strike
  • Absorb Elements
  • Catapult
  • Cause Fear (Sith)
  • Charm Person
  • Detect Magic
  • Expeditious Retreat
  • Long Strider
  • Shield
  • Thunderwave
  • Witchbolt (Sith)

2nd level

  • Blindness/ Deafness (Sith)
  • Detect Thoughts
  • Hold Person
  • See Invisibility
  • Shatter
  • Suggestion

3rd level

  • Clairvoyance
  • Fear (Sith)
  • Lightning Bolt (Sith)
  • Protection from Energy
  • Sending
  • Vampiric Touch

4th level

  • Charm Monster
  • Confusion
  • Control Water
  • Phantasmal Killer (Sith)
  • Stone Shape

5th level

  • Control Wind
  • Dominate Person (Sith)
  • Geas
  • Hold Monster
  • Mislead
  • Modify Memory
  • Telekinesis
  • Wall of Force

6th level

  • Chain Lightning (Sith)
  • Disintegrate (Sith)
  • Mass Suggestion
  • Mental Prison
  • Move Earth
  • True Seeing

7th level

  • Power Word Pain (Sith)
  • Whirlwind

8th level

  • Dominate Monster
  • Feeblemind
  • Mind Blank
  • Telepathy

9th level

  • Imprisonment
  • Power Word Kill (Sith)
  • Psychic Scream (Sith)

Warlock Force Powers (spells)


  • Friends
  • Lightning Lure
  • Mage Hand
  • Thunderclap
  • True Strike

1st level

  • Cause Fear
  • Charm Person
  • Hex
  • Witchbolt

2nd level

  • Enthrall
  • Hold Person
  • Shatter
  • Suggestion

3rd level

  • Fear
  • Hunger of Hadar
  • Vampiric Touch

4th level

  • Blight
  • Charm Monster
  • Hallucinatory Terrain
  • Sickening Radiance

5th level

  • Enervation
  • Hold Monster

6th level

  • Circle of Death
  • Mass Suggestion

7th level

  • Finger of Death
  • Power Word Pain

8th level

  • Dominate Monster
  • Feeble Mind
  • Power Word Stun

9th level

  • Power Word Kill
  • Psychic Scream
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